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Greetings to my fellow Republican Friends,

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Floyd Rayburn, born and raised in Bloomfield, NY.  

I am proud to be running for the 24th district for Congress. I am a father, grandfather and regional employer, who has been involved in our political landscape for decades as a lifelong conservative Republican. I have been an eye witness to our local community’s families, businesses and economy as well as its ever changing fabric.  


After working with my family’s dairy business, I started F.G. Rayburn Mason Contractors, Inc. in 1981 with nothing but a shovel, a wheelbarrow and a pickup truck.  My father once told me, “The only thing we’re entitled to is a good day's pay for a good day’s work and the air we breathe, nothing else.” That stuck with me and today, the business has become a highly successful enterprise, hiring my first employee in 1983 who is still working with us today.  Early in my business pursuit I learned to live by this motto: “Get into Politics or Get Out of Business.”


As an employer since 1981, I’ve been fortunate to serve our region through various charitable organizations by “giving back” to our community.  Politically, I’ve been involved locally, regionally, and nationally through my support of various Republican elected officials, and ran for the 54th NY Senate in 2016. In addition, I have been involved, for the last 22 years, with a national builders and contractors organization and a political action committee. 


Some of the organizations I am currently serving and supporting:

  •  President / CEO of F.G. Rayburn Mason Contractors since 1981.

  • ABC, Associated Builders and Contractors, Empire State Chapter board member, FEA National committee 

  • Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce member 30yrs., served as board member and chairman.

  • Canandaigua Rotary member.

  • Lifetime NRA and Scope member.

  • Habitat for Humanity local/global, building foundations, rebuilding homes in Paraguay & Nepal (2015 earthquake devastation


Local community service within Local, State and National Community Projects:

  • FF Thompson Hospital


  • Fort Hill Perform. Arts


  • Granger Homestead

  • Sonnenberg Gardens

  • Mercy Flight

  • All Inclusive Playground


I am running for Congress to be the representative voice of the people of the 24th District, to be the change for our community and home in order to fix our broken country. This position will provide a pathway to serve my country and its people in a way that I wouldn't otherwise be able to. I am running to pave a bright future for our district, one that we can be proud of; one that we can feel safe and secure for future generations. From my roots in Bloomfield to my consistent participation in the community, this is my lifelong home and a place that I would like to serve as Congressman, but I need your support on August 23rd.


Best Regards, 


Floyd Rayburn

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